what is body mist

Body Mist: Benefits, How to Choose and Use One

Body mists have become popular as they are an important part of your skin care routine. They are different from perfumes and deodorants and here is how to choose and use one. 
how to make hair silky

Five Easy And Efficient Home Remedies for Silky and Smooth Hair

If you have dry and dull hair, do not worry as it is a common problem we all face. Luckily you can easily transform your dull and dry hair into silky and smooth hair using these five easy and effic...
What is a Face Serum and How Does it Benefit Your Skin

What is a Face Serum and How Does it Benefit Your Skin

There are various steps in an effective skin care routine and using a face serum is one of them. If you are on the fence about using a face serum, this article will help you in making the right dec...
capric triglyceride for skin

All the Benefits & Uses of Capric Triglyceride That You are Unaware of

Do you know what Capric Triglyceride is? It is a common skincare ingredient used for its variety of skincare benefits. Here are some of the benefits of capric triglyceride that you might be unaware...
kaolin clay benefits

Kaolin Clay: From Uses to Benefits, Everything to Know About this Trending Ingredient

Do you know Kaolin Clay is? It is a type of facial clay that has several benefits for your skin and can help you in multiple ways. Continue reading to know everything about this trending ingredient.
sun flower oil benefits

Everything to Know about Sunflower Oil for Your Skin

We all love sunflowers. But did you know about the benefits of sunflower oil for your skin? Here is everything you need to know about sunflower oil and its uses for your skin. 
benefits of almond oil for face

Uses & Benefits of Almond Oil for Your Face

We have been using almond hair to reduce hair fall and strengthen our hair for a long time. However, do you know almond oil is also useful for your hair? Let’s find out why. 
vitamins for hair growth

Top Five Vitamins Essential For Hair Growth

Nutrients are not only important for your body but your skin and hair as well. There are several vitamins that are essential for hair growth and here are the top five! 
Mineral Oil On Skin: Is It Good or Bad? Let's Find Out

Mineral Oil On Skin: Is It Good or Bad? Let's Find Out

Do you know what mineral oils are? There have been a lot of hoax about the use of mineral oils but we are here to help you understand if mineral oils are good or bad!