What is self care

How To Self-Care Your Way Through Life In The Best Way

Be it physical, emotional or mental, self care is an important practice that everyone should follow. Here is an easy guide to how to self care your way through life. 

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In our daily busy life, we have no time to take care of ourselves. Not only this, we get so stressed and overwhelmed that we can't even take care of others. But remember, with a little positivity in life, not only is it easier to take care of yourself but also for others. 

And with all that's going on in this world today, not only do we give up on others but also end up with negativity. And the major reason behind this is not being aware of what exactly self-care is.  So let's understand everything about self-care and some best self-care routines. 

What is Self Care?

In many respects, the concept of self-care has long been misunderstood. So what is self-care, exactly? Basically, it is the act of safeguarding and developing one's bodily and emotional well-being. It has a broad scope but simply put it relates to practice.

In other words, it means anything you do on a daily basis to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle, whether with or without the direct guidance of a healthcare expert. As a whole, self-care means taking care of oneself to be healthy in every aspect. 

Why is Self Care Important?

Now that you know what is self-care, it's also important to understand why self-care is important. In general, self-care comes with a clear goal of making life easier, longer and happier. Besides, if you're still wondering why is self-care important then here is what you need to know:

  • It boosts mood and energy levels
  • Gives a sense of control
  • It improves the quality of sleep
  • Pushes you to a healthy life and healthy habits
  • It helps in reducing stress and anxiety levels
  • It develops a strong foundation

Benefits of Doing Self Care

Wondering if self-care is really important? Will it really be beneficial? Even though neglected by many, in general, self-care plays an important role in all our lives. So no matter what you go through or how little time you get for yourself, remember today's self-care can make your tomorrow better. So here are some self-care routines that can surely be a great benefit to your overall health: 

  • Boost Immune System

    self care ideas

A great benefit of following a self-care routine is that it boosts the immune system. For instance, taking a hot bath, doing exercise or getting out of your house to do some workout may seem very common to you but all these activities can improve your immune system as well as mental and physical health. 

  • Improves emotional health

Taking time to look after yourself means giving yourself more care. There are moments in life where you may feel you are failing, but just being kind towards yourself you can treat yourself with love. A self-care day can make you feel better both about yourself and life along with showing value to others. 

  • You become a better caregiver

People who spend all of their time caring for others often end up neglecting themselves which as a result makes it more difficult to take care of others. So following a self-care routine will teach you how to take care of yourself and will also make you a better caregiver for others. 

  • Relaxes Mind and Soul

Another best self-care routine is to be kind and understanding towards yourself. In some words, treat yourself with compassion. So adding activities like massage and warm baths to your self-care day can soothe your soul. Besides, you can also keep your body and soul healthy at the same time by adding Relaxing Macadamia Deep Moisturising Body Oil from Pure Sense. 

 Macadamia Body Oil


This oil comes with pure ingredients and is free from paraben and sulphate. It is rich in minerals and loaded with vitamins that pamper and nourishes the skin along with relaxing the senses. The best thing is that it suits all skin types.

Best Self-Care Routine to Follow at Home

Have you decided to start nurturing yourself and your body? Now it's time to plan the best self-care routines to follow at home. So here are some great easy to follow self-care ideas:

  • Relax your senses

    self care routine

A good method to relax your senses is to discover inner calm. Consider soaking in a hot bath, listening to relaxing music or sipping an early morning drink. After the bath, you can also try out applying Macadamia Deep Nourishing Body Butter from Pure Sense as it deeply moisturises and nourishes the skin. 

 Macadamia Body Butter

It is free from harmful chemicals like paraben or sulphate. It has a unique blend of luxurious oils and butter which protects skin from dryness and damage. The best thing is that it is suitable for all skin types and relaxes the body fully.

  • Do Things That Bring You the Joy

Another great self-care idea includes doing anything that you enjoy. Be it meditation, dancing, painting or listening to music, make a decision that you love doing. Remember, self-care doesn't mean feeling obligated just to maintain a hobby. 

  • Keep yourself active

Be it anything you decide to do the whole day, remember to keep yourself active and flexible. Self-care ideas are great to start your day with. But for any reason, if you slip, remember not to be hard on yourself. For instance, if you couldn't make it to the yoga class, then find a quiet spot and do some light stretching.

  • Deep-condition your hair

Wondering about what is self-care? Put on a deep-conditioning treatment for your hair in the tub and relax while it works. However, make sure you choose an appropriate conditioner such as Rejuvenating Grapefruit Revitalising Hair Conditioner from Pure Sense. 

Grapefruit Hair Conditioner

It comes with the purest extracts of eco-certified grapefruit and Hydrolysed rice protein with a fruity zesty fragrance. It is also free from paraben and sulphate. It pampers the lock and provides intense nourishment. 


Self-care brings more joy into life and increases the sense of well-being. But as humans, sometimes we all make mistakes and can get demotivated. So if you think you're falling into your self-care regime, don't push yourself hard. Instead, try taking help or consult a professional or expert who can take care of your well-being and overall health. Never hesitate to take help from others. 

Frequently Asked Questions On Self-Care and Its Importance 

  • What is Self Care?

    When asking what is self-care different people come up with different answers. Simply put, it means paying attention to your own needs. Self-care can take many different forms such as physical self-care, psychological self-care, emotional self-care, spiritual self-care and professional self-care.
  • How to do self-care at home?

    The best way to do self-care at home is to get your body moving, get outside into nature, breathe in, breathe out, do activities you like, have a bubble bath, read a book, have a positive attitude, and take care of your hair and skin. 

    Besides, make sure you add appropriate products when bathing or cleansing your face. So be it in relationships, work, any place or any situation, make sure to pay attention to your own needs to get the most out of your self-care routine.  
  • How to start doing self-care?

    Thinking of how to start your self-care regime? Start by taking care of yourself and your gut, practising exercise daily,  eating right, getting good quality sleep, avoiding stress and negativity, talking with friends, playing with your pets, helping others and letting the positivity come in.