Everything You Need to Know About ‘Me Time’ and Its Importance

Everything You Need to Know About ‘Me Time’ and Its Importance

We often forget to make time for ourselves in our daily schedules. But having “me time” is extremely important and here is why! 

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When we talk about taking out some 'me time', we don't necessarily mean spending the entire day at a spa. (Although, we don't say you can't - you can pamper yourself all day at a spa if that makes you happy.) But it essentially means taking out just enough time every day to relax, calm your mind and body to feel better and happier. Of course, in today's bustling lifestyle, the concept of 'me time' looks far fetched. However, the constant stress and tension remind us from time to time about its importance. Before we move on to anything else, let us first answer what is ‘me time'?

    What is Me Time?

    Me time is the conscious effort you make to take some time out to recharge your mental and physical batteries. It can be spent in varied ways and can differ from one person to the other. Basically, you do what you love doing in this little time you take out for yourself and just yourself. It could be taking a long bath, reading a book, listening to music and dancing to it, cooking a delicious meal, going out for a walk in fresh air, getting your hair and nails done, and the list is endless. As long as you're alone with your thoughts and being mindful, that's all that matters. Now that you understand the actual meaning of me time, let us tell you the importance of ‘me time'.

    Importance of Me Time:

    Your mind and body are connected, and they need to be in sync if you want them to function perfectly. It's when the two aren't in sync that you notice a change in both, paving the way for stress and tension to kick in. Your body indicates that you're going through a stressful time by instilling aches and pains. Similarly, your mind tells the same by shifting your mood drastically, making it difficult for you to concentrate. Isn't it amazing how your mind and body try to communicate with you so that you can make a conscious effort to feel better? This brings us to talk about a few reasons why it's important to have 'me time.'

    1. It Clears Your Head:

    There will be times when you will experience an overload of information. How do you deal with it? By simply removing yourself from everything for a while. Spend some time alone and allow yourself to sit back and look at your life and then prioritise things. This will give you a clearer idea of what's going on in your life and make you focus better on what needs to be done first.

    2. You Get to Know Yourself:

    Taking out some 'me time' makes you understand yourself better. As you sit alone with your thoughts and break each emotion down, you get a bird's eye view of all your thoughts and feelings. You find out why and how you react to situations in a certain way and how you should deal with them. Spending a few minutes with yourself will teach you a lot of things about yourself, your behaviour and your perspective toward things.

    3. You'll Get More Creative:

    If you're a creative person, you might notice that you often experience a creative block when you're overworked and just can't get yourself to create something outstanding. When you take out some ‘me time', you'll notice that it allows you to get rid of the negative energy that's been holding you back and gives you a chance to wander into your creative space. Any sort of activity that calms your mind and body will allow you to have a creative flow and get you back on track instead of being stuck in a loop.

    4. You'll Depend Less on Others:

    Now, it's not wrong to depend on others when you really need someone else's help. But, when you're overworked and stressed, you start depending a lot on others because you just cannot manage things yourself. This is when me time helps you destress yourself, get back on track and pushes you to get things done on your own. This also means you won't have to depend on others to make you feel happy and content because you will start enjoying your own company and take good care of yourself.

    5. It'll Make Your Life Easier:

    When you actively start taking out time for yourself each day, it automatically makes your life easier. Some people can spend hours with themselves and have the best time. Others like to spend a few minutes in their own company to sort things out in their life. Embracing this me time will only make you more organised and in tune with what needs your attention and what doesn't. Now, the real question is, how do you make yourself feel better and how exactly can you be present when you take out 'me time'?

    How to Be Present?

    You might be wondering what does it mean 'to be present,' right? Like we said earlier, the concept of 'me time' differs from person to person. But, what instantly helps is breathing and focusing on your inner peace. Take deep breaths for a few minutes and be very mindful about the air going in your body and out of it. Shut your eyes, connect with yourself, breathe in and breathe out. You may realise that this simple relaxation technique makes you feel so much at ease. If you are experiencing any aches and pains, focus on them rather than avoiding them. Don't avoid your thoughts or concerns, delve into them. Take some time out to talk to yourself internally.

    Ask questions to yourself about what might be the cause and what could be the solution to your problems. If you have a problem that you can't solve, tell yourself that it's okay to not be able to fix everything because you won't always have the right answers for yourself. Just accepting this will relax your mind and body. Getting in tune with yourself every now and then is what 'me time' is all about. Now that we've spoken about the importance of me time and how to be present, let us tell you about products that you can use to relax your mind and body.

    As mentioned earlier, there are various ways to enjoy this 'me time.' While some indulge in hobbies and activities like painting, cooking, singing and more; there are some who meditate or even do skincare. If you're someone who likes or prefers the latter in their me time, the following products from Pure Sense might interest you. Pure Sense is a luxurious brand that has a range of products curated to calm your body and mind in more ways than one.

    Enjoy Your Me Time With Pure Sense:

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    Nothing spells heaven like a good body massage. And things turn for good when you take a few drops of a luxurious body oil and lather it all over your body. If this idea excites you, how about using an oil that is rich in minerals, and can nourish your skin while uplifting your senses. It is packed with vitamins that help hydrate your skin and tighten it at the same time. The presence of grapefruit in this body oil brightens your complexion and revitalises your skin, body and mind.

    2. Grapefruit Revitalising 3 in 1 Face Mask, Scrub & Cleanser:

    If you're in the mood to indulge in some skincare, this 3-in-1 face mask, scrub and cleanser is your best bet to start your routine with. It is enriched with the goodness of grapefruit that instantly brightens and revives your skin. It is packed with capric triglyceride that hydrates your skin and makes it supple. This 3-in-1 formula also contains kaolin that gently exfoliates the dead skin cells, cleans pores and prevents breakouts. All in all, these products are perfect for investing your time and energy in when you'd want to enjoy some 'me time'. Pure Sense believes in bringing you products made with pure ingredients, which means all of our products are free from sulphates, parabens and carcinogens. These products are also cruelty-free and come in recyclable packaging. And before you wonder if they're going to suit you or not, let us make it clear that each of our products is suitable for all skin types. So pamper yourself with all the goodness that Pure Sense has to offer without worry.


    Treating yourself right, being able to say no to others, not compromising on your 'me time' - all of these can help make you a better person. When you are sorted in your head, you're sorted in life. Me time gives you the ability to feel independent, be creative and experience happiness and contentment. Stick up for yourself and you'll see how it pays off for yourself and the people around you. After all, you need to help yourself first to be able to help others. Explore our blog section to read more about topics such as What Is Self-Care to get relax and pamper yourself at home.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    1. How can I enjoy myself in a day?

    There are a lot of things that you can do to enjoy yourself in a day: You can maintain a journal and write about all the things you're grateful for Meditate and listen to words that calm your mind Practise being kind to yourself and celebrate your small and big wins Rest up and recuperate Nurture positive relationships not just with others but also yourself. Simple ways to enjoy some time by yourself can also mean little tasks like taking a walk in the park, baking a dessert for yourself, watching a movie that you absolutely love, taking a warm water bath, etc. Whatever makes you happy and feel at ease is what you should do in your me time

    2. How long should 'me time' be for?

    Ideally, anything between 30 minutes to a day seems right to indulge in 'me time'. But if you wish to practice it daily, you should give yourself at least five minutes to destress and relax. Basically, it's important to spend time with yourself to declutter your mind and if that means you need more than five minutes, we'll suggest you should go ahead and take it.

    3. Why should you schedule some‚ About 'me time' every day?

    We've already mentioned some reasons that best describe why it's important to schedule some me time each day. But if there's one thing that this time can help fix is your ability to focus and be alert. Taking out some me time will allow you to decompress and get rid of stress, relax your mind and body and get back to your schedule in an organised manner.