dry scalp vs dandruff

Dry Scalp vs Dandruff: Causes, Symptoms, Prevention and Home Remedies

Are you experiencing itchy and flaky scalp? You might think it is the dry scalp which is causing dandruff. However, these two are different things. Here is everything you need to know about dry sca...
Hair Care Tips and Tricks to Maintain Curly Hair

Hair Care Tips and Tricks to Maintain Curly Hair

While curly hair are a fashion statement, they are difficult to maintain and take care of. But these hair care tips and tricks will help you maintain your natural curly hair with ease! 
how to tie hair while sleeping

Multiple Ways to Wear Your Hair to Bed to Prevent Breakage

Are you tired of seeing hair strands on your pillow every morning? You have come to the right place! Today we will be discussing multiple ways to wear your hair to bed to avoid breakage.
Use of hair oil

Everything You Need to Know About Oiling Your Hair

We all know oiling your hair is important. But do you know the correct way to oil your hair? If not, continue reading to know everything about oiling your hair!
uses of night cream

Everything You Need to Know About a Night Cream

Are you on the fence about using a night cream or not? Well, the short answer is yes you should. For the long answer, continue reading and explore the several benefits of using a night cream. 
treatment for oily scalp

How To Get Rid Of Oily Scalp & Hair

Are you tired of having oily scalp and hair that causes your hair to stick to your scalp? Well, it is a common problem and can easily be treated using these tips and tricks. 
Home Remedies For Grey Hair

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Grey Hair Naturally

Are you noticing one too many grey hairs on your head? Well, do not fret as it is completely natural and treatable. These home remedies are sure to protect your hair and prevent premature greying o...
Causes of grey hair

Causes of Grey Hair and How to Prevent Them

Do you know what causes grey hair and why you are observing too many grey hairs on your head? If not, read on to know the causes of grey hair and how to prevent them! 
 Benefits Of Body Butter

Benefits, Uses and Types of Body Butter

Do you know what body butters are and why you should incorporate them in your daily skincare routine immediately? If not, continue reading and make the shift!