How to protect hair in rain

How To Protect Your Hair In This Rainy Season?

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As we say goodbye to the summer heat, monsoon rains are a sigh of relief that brighten up our spirit. Though the beauty of the fresh breeze steals our hearts, one cannot ignore the fact that rainwater for hair can be harmful. This is simply because it robs the lustre from the hair.

During monsoon, your hair becomes limp, lifeless and frizzy due to high humidity levels in the air. 

Therefore, it is not a good idea to allow your hair to suffer during the rainy season and welcome a number of hair problems. Read on to know some of the finest monsoon hair care tips to keep your precious locks healthy.

How Does Rainwater Affect Your Hair?

Have you ever come across the question "Is Rainwater good for hair"? Well, the short answer to this question is No. 

Rainwater for hair is known to be damaging as it causes a variety of hair problems including fungal hair infections. Also, you may start witnessing the occurrence of dandruff as there is a rise in the humidity during the monsoon season.

Apart from that, you may experience other hair problems like frizziness, dullness and hair fall as well. Therefore, as a tip for hair care in the rainy season, it is recommended to cover your head properly every time you step out in the rain.

How to Protect Hair This Rainy Season?

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If you do not want to suffer from monsoon hair fall problems, then start with protecting your hair from the rainwater. As the rainwater contains chemicals, and pollutants and is acidic in nature, it can harm your hair in many ways. 

Therefore, following the monsoon hair care tips, it is important that you wear a waterproof hoodie or use an umbrella or a raincoat to avoid your hair from coming in contact with the rainwater. 

In case, your hair gets wet in the rainwater by any chance, then make sure to follow the monsoon hair care tips, in which opting to wash it immediately is highly suggested.

If your hair gets wet in the rain, then to avoid experiencing monsoon hair fall problems, follow these monsoon hair care tips carefully.

  • Wash Your Hair Immediately

    If your hair gets wet in the rainwater, then wash it off immediately using a good quality cleanser like the Relaxing Macadamia deep nourishing hair cleanser from Pure Sense followed by an organic conditioner. Washing your hair would help to eliminate dirt and impurities immediately.
    Macadamia Shampoo
  • Air Dry Your Hair 

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    Once you are done washing your hair, allow it to air dry. Avoid using blow dryers as they can cause more damage to your hair. 

  • Do Not Comb Your Wet Hair

    Avoid combing your hair especially when it is in a wet condition. It is important to know that wet hair is more prone to breakage.  Make sure to use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair once it is dry. 

  • Use Hair Serum

    Hair serum should be included in your monsoon hair care if you want to keep it healthy. Make sure that the serum you are using is herbal and suits your hair type. Also, it should be able to retain the moisture of the hair and prevent it from getting dry.

How to Use Pure Sense Grapefruit Revitalising Hair Conditioner?

When looking forward to controlling monsoon hair fall, you can opt to use Pure Sense Grapefruit Revitalising Hair Conditioner. It consists of a conditioner that is made from organic ingredients. 

Grapefruit Conditioner


Being free from chemicals like Sulphate, carcinogens, paraben, and other toxins  - promotes a bouncier, healthier and shinier hair type. Other than that, both the products work together to revitalise your tresses which makes detangling easier. 

All you need to do is make your hair thoroughly wet and then apply the hair cleanser. Gently massage it for a few minutes and rinse it off. Then apply the conditioner to the hair tips and leave it for two to three minutes before washing off. Make sure to use it twice or thrice a week as your monsoon hair care routine to obtain better results.


You don't have to hate the monsoon season because it brings loads of hair problems along. All you have to do is follow the monsoon hair care routine properly to prevent hair problems from arising. 

Alternatively, make sure to switch to a better quality shampoo combo for monsoon hair care like Rejuvenating Grapefruit Revitalising Hair Cleanser combo from Pure Sense made from organic ingredients. Being free from all types of chemicals, it boosts collagen and controls excess oil production.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Protect Your Hair in The Rainy Season 

  • Is Rain Water Good for Hair?

    The short answer to this question is No. The rainwater is not good for your hair as it brings along a lot of hair problems including dandruff, dullness, hair fall, frizziness and fungal infections.

    Apart from that, Rainwater is known to have the presence of chemicals and pollutants that can damage your hair making the shaft bonds weak. As a result, if you still want to get wet in the rainwater, then make sure that you wash your hair immediately. 

  • How to Protect Hair from Rain?

    If you want to avoid monsoon hair fall, then start by covering the head properly when stepping out by using an umbrella or a raincoat. You should also rely on an anti-frizz serum and hair cleansers to prevent monsoon hair fall problems. For a better quality hair cleanser, you can opt for Relaxing Macadamia Deep Nourishing Hair Cleanser from Pure Sense which is loaded with the goodness of vitamin E, vitamin B5 and Macadamia nut oil.  

  • How to Avoid Getting Hair Wet in Rain?

    As rainwater is known to consist of pollutants and chemicals, it can cause damage and make you suffer from problems like monsoon hair fall. Therefore, it is crucial to prevent your hair from getting wet in the rain. 

    And to do that, you can simply choose to stay indoors whenever it rains heavily or use an umbrella or raincoat while stepping out of the house. Besides that, make sure to use hair serums to prevent your hair from getting damaged because of increased humidity.