I Tried The Skincare Routine Of Priyanka Chopra, And This Is The Result

I Tried The Skincare Routine Of Priyanka Chopra, And This Is The Result

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We all have obsessed over the flawless skin of the celebrities and want to achieve the same level of natural skin health.Be it Mira Rajput’s skin care routine or any other celebrity skincare routine, we want to adapt to their skincare routine for the same results. We recently tried one such routine and decided to share the results we felt after following it for over a month. For this experiment, we thought who better to look for other than B-Town's own ‘Desi Girl’. We tried the Priyanka Chopra skin care routine, and here is what it includes. 

Step-by-Step Guide To Priyanka Chopra Skin Care Routine

These are  Priyanka Chopra’s skincare tips and routine that you can follow as well. 

1. Bathing With Greek Yoghurt

In an interview,  one of the most popular Priyanka Chopra skin care tips was disclosed, which is bathing in Greek Yoghurt. To try this tip, gently massage the yoghurt on your entire body and shower normally to have a refreshing and nourishing bath. 

2. Natural Skin Care Products

Our desi girl is also an advocate of natural products. If you are looking to try new natural skincare brands, you can try Pure Sense and their range of skin care products, such as the Pink Guava Face Scrub. This scrub helps to naturally exfoliate your skin gently and nourish it with vitamin C to give you a smooth and clean skin. This tip is also one of the most important tips in Mira Rajput skin care routine or any other celebrity skin care routine

3. DIY Face Masks 

One of the most important parts of the Priyanka Chopra skin care routine is to use DIY face masks and home remedies. The actress uses several DIY face masks, such as wheat flour and turmeric powder face masks, to make the most out of her skincare routine. 

4. Hydrate

Another basic and most important skin care hack in every celebrity, be it Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt or Mira Rajput’s skincare routine, is to keep your body and skin hydrated. Drink at least 6-7 glasses of water daily to flush out all the toxins and keep your body and skin hydrated. 

These are some of the important steps in the skincare routine of Priyanka Chopra. Most of these steps are also used by other celebrities as well, as they are tried and tested for their efficiency. I tried this routine for one month and can confirm that this routine does work. 

My skin feels much more hydrated and nourished due to the Yoghurt bath. Also, adapting to natural skin care products and DIY face masks has restored the natural glow of my face, and I have significantly fewer problems such as acne or discolouration. I not only look good but also feel better. 

If you are also looking to try this skincare routine, do not forget to add steps such as using a cleanser, exfoliating scrub, skin toner, moisturiser and sunscreen to your daily skincare routine. We hope this works for you as well!