Build perfect shower routine

How To Build The Perfect Shower Routine?

All showers are different, and so are the people's preferences. It is undoubtedly true that soap and water will suffice. But if you learn how to take a shower properly, you will always enjoy glowing skin and shiny hair. Keep reading the article to discover the perfect shower routine.
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Everyone knows how to apply a foundation evenly on the skin or wing their eyeliner. You may also be aware of the different types of hairstyles. But just having a facial and hair care regime isn't enough. To achieve healthy skin and radiant glowing body goals, it is vital to understand how to take a bath properly?

Very few people bother to understand how to take a bath properly because most of them think it's nothing more than cleaning your body and behind the ears. 

However, you would be amazed to know that some in-shower bathing tips can help you get attractive and healthy-looking skin. So, if you are ready for a buttery soft shower routine for glowing skin, keep reading until the end to discover more.

How Often Should You Take A Shower? 

"How often should you shower?" is one of the most popular questions people look forward to getting answers to. There is no ideal frequency regarding the shower routine you should follow. It all depends on your hygiene. 

However, according to most doctors, taking shower daily is completely fine. Just make sure not to overdo it as it can cause skin problems. The health experts even suggest that you can also opt to take shower thrice a week depending on your lifestyle. If you live a highly active life, then you must follow a daily shower routine or else you may catch infections. 

Therefore, when deciding on a shower routine, consider several things, including environmental factors, lifestyle, health conditions, skin conditions, and so on.

For How long should you shower? 

If you have been thinking about how to take a bath properly, then it is vital to know how long you should take to shower. Well, to be precise, the average shower time suggested by experts is between eight to 10 minutes. (Source). Any individual who takes longer than 15 minutes to shower must rethink their bathing routine as they are simply overdoing it. Spending longer time in the shower would not make the skin better. Rather it would make it irritant and more to skin problems. 

Steps for the perfect shower routine

The following will help you to discover the bathing tips and steps for an ideal shower routine:

  • Remove makeup

    Before you step inside the shower, make sure to remove all your makeup.

    Use a good quality cleanser to remove all your makeup. You can try the  Rejuvenating Grapefruit Revitalising Face Cleansing Gel from Pure Sense, which is made with organic ingredients. It gently and deeply cleanses the skin and refreshes your senses.
    Grapefruit Face Wash
  • Check the water temperature 

    The next routine shower step suggests one to check the water temperature. Ensure that the water is not too hot to avoid stripping the natural oils present in your skin or burning it. 

    Instead, make sure that the water is lukewarm, which can help to clean the skin without causing damage.
  • Wash your hair first, then your face 

    how to take bath properly
    It is suggested that you should wash your hair first and then your face. This is simply because certain impurities, including oil, can drip from your scalp onto your face. After you are done shampooing and conditioning your hair,  wash your face with a good quality face cleanser like the Relaxing Macadamia soothing face cleansing gel. It is free from all types of chemicals like sulphate, carcinogens and paraben. Being completely earth-friendly, it helps to remove all types of toxins from the face without causing any side effects.

    By following this shower routine for glowing skin, you would be able to remove all pore-clogging debris from your face.
  • Use body cleanser 

    Using a body cleanser is another essential step in a shower routine for glowing skin.  Not sure which one to use? Well, we recommend you pick the Grapefruit Body Cleansing Gel from Pure sense and apply it to the body using your hand. This would gently cleanse your skin without stripping its natural oil and moisture. Also, it will make your skin feel nourished and uplifted.
    Grapefruit Shower Gel
  • Do not over scrub 

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    Exfoliation comes with a lot of benefits, including removing dirt from excessive oil and dead skin cells. But exfoliating too hard or overdoing it can strip the natural body oil and cause it to lose its moisture. In worse situations, it can cause skin irritation and other skin problems that you may not want. 

  • Do not take longer than 8 minutes 

    Another bathing tip that you should keep in mind is to avoid taking longer than eight minutes in the shower. Simply because if you do so, you would be compromising your skin condition by stripping its natural oil and making it more prone to damage. Therefore, you can simply set a timer on your mobile phone to alert yourself when it's already eight minutes. 

  • Moisturise straight away 

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    Once you are done following the above steps, follow one last step that involves moisturising the whole body along with the face when it's damp. Doing this would help you trap the moisture and maintain your skin's health. Also, you would feel fresh throughout the day.


All showers differ from one another. But what matters is how you manage to cope with the proper shower routine so that your skin remains healthy all year round.  

Make sure that you consider your lifestyle when creating a shower routine for yourself or your loved ones. On the other hand, it is recommended to be gentle with your skin and opt for only chemical-free products.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How often should you take a shower?

    Taking shower daily or opting to bathe just twice or thrice a week is completely acceptable. It all revolves around what kind of lifestyle you live or what hygiene you follow in both situations. Someone who goes out every day in the sun to work will likely require bathing more than the one who mostly stays indoors.

  • How to take a bath properly?

    If you want to take a bath properly, then start using shower gels instead of soaps and quit hot water baths. A perfect shower would only happen when you are gentle with yourself and consider small details. However, it is recommended not to shampoo or condition daily as it would cause damage to your hair and make it weak.

  • What is the best time to take a shower?

    The best time to shower depends on one's convenience and personal preferences. However, the best time which is suggested is supposed to be nighttime. Source. It is because you have time to go to bed clean and reduce the chances of germs spreading. Also, it would help you have a relaxing sleep and gain a healthy skin type.