4 Skincare Lessons I Learned When I Started Following This Skincare Routine

4 Skincare Lessons I Learned When I Started Following This Skincare Routine

We have often wondered how to start a skincare routine or what’s the correct order to perform all the steps. While starting a skincare routine, there are several things to consider that will help us figure out the best routine for our skin. These factors include your skin type, your skin problems, the weather, etc. 

Learning about skin care is crucial as it helps us to understand why skin care is so important. And this turned out to be true, when we learnt some valuable lessons while starting a new skincare routine. And today, we’ll spill the beans on how you can build an ideal skincare routine, using the knowledge we gained. 

Tips For Ideal Skin Care Routine

When starting a new skin care routine,  you have to consider important points such as your skin type, the weather, and skin problems. This skincare routine is ideal for people with normal or moderately oily or dry skin. 

1. Use a Cleanser That Suits You

When we start learning about skin care, we soon realise that cleansing is the most important part of the skin care routine, as it helps in cleansing the skin from dust, excess oil, pollution, etc. Hence, it’s essential to Use a soft gel-based cleanser to cleanse your skin. 

2. Exfoliating According To Our Skin

Exfoliation is equally important as cleansing as it helps to remove the dead skin cells stuck on the upper layers of the skin. If you have oily skin, you should exfoliate twice a week and once if you have normal or dry skin. Also, remember to use only natural face scrubs such as Pink Guava Face Scrub by Pure Sense, which is developed from 100% natural ingredients and will gently exfoliate your skin while enriching it with niacinamide and African Melon extracts. 

3. Using a Targeted Toner 

While learning about skin care, we also understood that toner needs to be applied according to skin problems. For instance, if you have acne or oily skin, using a toner with niacinamide or hyaluronic acid will be your best decision. However, if you have signs of premature ageing, toner with retinol and vitamin C will be more helpful. 

4. Adding Moisturiser And Sunscreen To The Routine

When starting a skincare routine, do not forget to add moisturising and apply sunscreen to the routine. While moisturiser helps in retaining the moisture of your skin and protecting it from external damage, sunscreen helps to minimise UV damage. 

If you are wondering how to start a skincare routine, you can follow these tips as they will help you to form an ideal skincare routine. The reason why skin care is so important is that it helps to maintain the natural glow of our skin, which gets affected due to constant exposure to environmental stressors such as dust, pollution, UV damage, etc. By following this routine, you not only reverse the damage but also protect it from future damage.