2 Reasons For Using Vitamin E In Your Lip Balm

2 Reasons For Using Vitamin E In Your Lip Balm

Using vitamin E for lips can actually help you get fuller-looking, pink, soft, and smooth lips. Sounds interesting, right? Vitamin-infused lip care is a great new way to care for your lips and keep them hydrated as well as your skin healthy. Read on to know how vitamin E helps you and the lip care you can indulge in - starting today!
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For most of us, vitamins translate to tablets and capsules and daily pills. That’s very normal - most of us associate vitamin intake wit medication. In this article, we tell you how you don’t need pills for pink lips! A lip balm or lip care product infused with vitamin E is all you need. Scroll to see why, and a snippet of the best balms infused with the goodness of vitamin E.

2 Reasons For Using Vitamin E In Your Lip Balm

To fully maximise the benefits of vitamin E, we recommend using a lip balm that is infused with this ingredient. (1) To give you a better understanding of how it helps, here are some benefits of vitamin E for the skin:

  • The circulation of blood, or flow of blood to your skin is immensely improved with a healthy dose of vitamin E in your lip care routine.
  • Skin cell regeneration is another benefit of using vitamin E in your skincare. It heals your lips, makes them softer, and helps them look fuller with renewed skin cells over time.

Enrich Your Lips With A Vitamin E Lip Balm

The Pure Sense Lip Balm is formulated using vitamin E oil, along with the goodness of sweet almond oil, shea butter, and vitamin A. Curated in the following four rich and luxuriant products, the lip care range of Pure Sense is definitely your one-stop-shop for vitamin-infused lip care. (2) An emollient like no other for lip care, vitamin E is infused in all of these lip balms:

1. Pure Sense Strawberry Slush Lip Balm

Say hello to luxury with this berrylicious lip balm, which is just the emollient your lips need. A boost of hydration, skin replenishing, and moisture retention - this lip balm is an all-in-one lip care essential. The formulation consists of vitamin E, which helps give you smoother and softer lips.

2. Pure Sense Peach Pie Lip Balm

Ultra-nourishment is what this lip balm is for you! Loaded with superfoods like peach oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E, it penetrates into the deeper layers of your skin to heal your chapped lips. What more? The goodness of the super-moisturising shea butter just makes this so much better! 

3. Pure Sense Coffee Cake Lip Balm

Coffee or caffeine lovers out there, this one’s for you. The intention of this delicious coffee cake lip balm is to help your lips come alive with colour. Reduced pigmentation is something that we all look for when selecting a lip care product. This one helps strengthen your skin barrier to keep your lips moisturised and nourished for a longer period of time.

Are you ready to start using vitamin E for lips? Take your pick from the Pure Sense Lip Balm range. If you’re looking for something more than just a lip balm, the brand also offers a wide selection of lip plumping masks, luxurious UV protection combos, and many more pure, skin-loving products. Visit https://puresense.co.in/  for more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is vitamin E good for dark lips?

Vitamin E is known for its ability to reduce pigmentation. This helps the natural colour of your lips come alive, and helps lighten darkened lips.

2. How much vitamin E should I put in lip balm?

For any lip care product, and adding an essential oil to it, a half teaspoon is recommended. (3

3. Does vitamin E oil act as a preservative?

Vitamins are the most natural form of antioxidants or energy sources for our bodies and skin. Vitamin E in particular, is one that prevents the oxidation of oils in the skin, thereby helping reduce pigmentation and nourish the skin. It is not a preservative.