10 Ways in Which Facial Massage Can Improve Your Life

10 Ways in Which Facial Massage Can Improve Your Life

What benefits can a face massage bring to you if you do it the right way? There are tons of them! Here are the most useful ways to massage your face and whether there are any side effects of it.

Looking for the best ways to relax and soothe your skin that improves your life? What can be better than a facial massage? It is the secret to a healthy life and glowing face. So all you need is to book a face massage session. 

But with our daily hectic schedule, it can be really difficult to pamper yourself. Isn't it? No worries, as you can take the benefits of facial massage in the comfort of your home. Wondering how? Here is all  you need to know.

What is Facial Massage?

As the name implies, facial massage is the act of rubbing your face. It involves pressing on pressure points on the face, shoulders and neck. Basically, it is a beauty procedure that provides many skin and health benefits. It can be done on your own or by a professional. It is a part of full-body treatment. It has the ability to treat problems like sinus congestion, stress and migraine-related headaches. 

What are the Benefits of Doing Facial Massage? 

Have you ever done a facial massage? If not, how about doing it yourself? No doubt getting a facial massage can relax you after a super busy work day. But the good part is that its goodness doesn't end here. Here are some amazing benefits of facial massage that you should know:

1. Reduces Ageing Symptoms

As facial massage improves blood circulation, it increases the production of collagen. As a result, it builds the skin structure along with improving skin elasticity. And with regular face massage, you can get rid of dark spots, pigmentations, wrinkles and fine lines. 

2. Reduces Acne and Scars

Having the best facial massage means getting toxins flushed out from the skin. And clean pores are meant to keep acne at bay. So with regular massage, not only can you improve the skin texture but also reduce acne scars too. 

3. Better Absorption

By including the best facial massage in your skincare regime you can expect improvement in the absorption of products into the skin. However, make sure to massage the face after applying an appropriate moisturiser. A great product to mention here is Pure Sense Hydrating Sleeping Mask

It is infused with natural ingredients and comes with no chemicals like paraben and sulphate. It holds the moisture in the skin along with treating dull skin. Besides it also helps in treating wrinkles and fine lines. Just massage gently using upward strokes and see the difference. 

4. Skin gets Detoxified

Another benefit of facial massage is that it removes all the dirt from the face. It also removes and cleans up blackheads, whiteheads and oil. It penetrates through and makes the skin free from impurities. 

For better results, you can use Pure Sense Natural Papaya Face Scrub. This gentle exfoliator is infused with pure ingredients and is a 100% chemical-free product. It gently deep cleanses the pores, giving a facial-like glow. Besides, it also improves skin health by keeping sun rays, dirt and acne at bay. 

10 Ways to do Facial Massage at Home

Not only are there multiple benefits of facial massage, but also there are various techniques for doing it. Doubting how to do facial massage at home? Here are some best ways  to do face massage for glowing skin and healthy skin at home :

  1. You can use a massaging tool for a calming massage experience at home. 
  2. Using your 10 fingertips, slowly push up to your forehead and into your scalp. 
  3. Use your thumb and index finger to gently pinch your eyebrows. 
  4. With the help of your index and middle finger, gently massage your temples using your fingertips and by gliding your fingers. 
  5. Use your fingertips on your jaw and gently massage in circular motions. 
  6. Make a peace sign using your fingers and gently pull towards your ears and repeat the process. 
  7. Another way of doing facial massage at home is by using the best massage oils on your face. 
  8. You can also opt for a classical facial massage that includes stroking, tapping, pinching and kneading. 
  9. You can also opt for a lymphatic drainage facial massage for deep cleansing at home. 
  10. You can also opt for the ancient way of beauty i.e. Kobido facial massage. It is one of the oldest types of facial massage. 
  11. You can use ice globe tools to do facial massage at home. All you need to do is gently roll.

What are the Side Effects of Daily Face Massage?

No doubt, facial massages are a great way of pampering and giving yourself some healing. But during the process, you can also experience some side effects. Wondering what are the side effects of daily face massage? Here are some:

1. Pimples

Whether you're doing face massage for glowing skin or for a smooth skin texture, remember doing it on a daily basis can lead to blemishes and pimples. These basically happen due to wrong facial methods, especially for people with oily and acne-prone skin. 

2. Itchiness

Another common side effect of daily face massage is that it causes itchiness as well as redness. While doing the massage, the pores open up for deep cleaning and because of the pressure on the skin surface, it causes redness and itchiness. 

3. Wrinkles

Both tissues and the skin of our face are sensitive. And when you do a regular facial massage, it leads to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin. If you're experiencing any such issue due to regular face massage, you can rely on Pure Sense Anti-ageing Sleeping Mask. 

It is filled with natural ingredients and acts as an overnight treatment for youthful skin. It fights against wrinkles and fine lines along with keeping the skin hydrated. The best thing about this product is that it suits all skin types as it is free from chemicals like paraben and sulphate.

4. Aching

When looking for how to increase blood circulation on the face, you'll come across facial massage. But do you know it can bring you a lot of pain? Yes, facial massage involves treatments of blackheads. And if done under extreme pressure or the wrong way it can lead to aching. 


As said earlier, facial massage has multiple benefits for one's health and skin. Similarly, it also has several side effects. So while doing any facial massage make sure you are aware of your skin type and what facial massage it needs. If you feel any unusual symptoms or anything wrong, immediately stop and seek help from an expert or professional. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Facial Massage That Improves Life 

1. How to increase blood circulation in the face?

When looking for ways on how to increase blood circulation on the face, you may come up with several methods. But the key should be to find the best one i.e. facial massage. And the best facial massage for increasing blood circulation is by massaging with a roller for at least 10 minutes. 

2. What is the best face massage for glowing skin?

All you need to do is gently press the temples of your head using your two fingers. Move from left to right in circular motions and slowly. Also after the process ends, gently pinch your eyebrows a couple of times. Surely, this is one of the best face massages for glowing skin. 

3. What are the side effects of facial massage?

Similar to the benefits, facial massage also comes with some side effects. Even some of the best facial massages can cause skin issues like redness, irritation, itchiness, aching, wrinkles, fine lines and also pimples.