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Heat On Hair

Who doesn’t want smooth, straightened tresses? After all, they seem so dreamy and ideal, right? While they sure look beautiful to look at, not everyone has them naturally. This includes people with frizzy hair or extremely unmanageable curled-up hair. The desire to flaunt smooth hair paves the way for the incessant need to run a hot iron or straightener through their hair. If done once or twice at the most, you can still live with it, but doing this regularly can result in heat-damaged hair. How does heat damage the hair, you ask? Frequent heat on hair can open up the outer cuticles, causing them to lose their moisture, and make them brittle.

  1. 1. How to Identify Heat-Damaged Hair?

  2. 2. How to Repair Heat-Damaged Hair?

  3. 3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Identify Heat-Damaged Hair?

Straightening our hair for that next big event sounds tempting because we are in love with the idea of smooth, straight hair. But if you’ve been doing it frequently, there are some sure shot side effects that you’re bound to witness, owing to the heat on your hair. Some signs of heat-damaged hair include – split ends, formation of white nodules at the tips of your hair, overly dry hair, rough or stringy hair texture, having difficulty in styling or brushing the hair, knotty hair with lots of tangles, and lastly, excessive hair breakage. Your hair starts looking lifeless, as it loses its natural moisture and becomes dry and dehydrated looking. This happens when you get hair care treatments like straightening, curling, or adding a perm, whose benefits are only temporary, and could be potentially damaging in the long run, as their effect wears off. Let’s look at different ways to repair the damaged hair, and go over every part in detail.

Heat Damaged Hair Treatment
Does Heat Damage Hair

How to Repair Heat-Damaged Hair?

Since every hair type is unique in texture and appearance, you need different ways to tackle them. Fortunately, there are several heat-damaged hair treatment options tailored as per your hair type. Let’s go over some common hair types and discuss the possible solutions for each one:

1. Curly Hair

The after-effects of heat styling are not very great for people with curly hair. They become very frizzy, develop lots of knots and tangles, and also undergo a substantial change in their texture. Curly hair cuticles don’t lie flat, even in their natural state. It is difficult to tame them. So, when the heat styling wears off, the cuticles tend to get more dehydrated and lose their moisture. Wondering how to repair heat-damaged curly hair? Focus on treatments that add to the moisture content of your locks. Use conditioners that have moisturising ingredients like avocado, coconut oil, or aloe vera, like the Pure Sense Macadamia Deep Nourishing Hair Conditioner. It contains coconut and macadamia nut oil, which intensely nourishes the hair and makes hair frizz easier to manage. Also, avoid shampooing daily as it can strip off the natural oils. And on days when you do shampoo, only apply it to your roots and tips.

Does Heat Damage Hair

2. Straight Hair

It’s strange how we seem to want what we don’t have. While those with curly hair want to straighten it, the ones with straight hair love flaunting curls. When straight hair undergoes heat damage, it becomes extremely dry and brittle, making it difficult to manage. To get back those glossy locks, you can try deep conditioning your hair through homemade hair masks. So, how to treat heat-damaged hair at home? Leave-in protein treatments using yoghurt, honey, or olive oil restore the natural bonds of your hair and help work on the damage. Keratin-rich conditioning sprays can also relax the broken bond in your hair follicles and bring them back to shape.

Does Heat Damage Hair
How To Repair Heat Damaged Hair

3. Chemically-Treated Hair

Chemically-treated hair is the type in which you add chemical agents to your hair to produce a certain effect. This can occur when you’re getting a perm or getting your hair bleached at the salon. Sometimes your hair may get burned and tend to lose its natural shine. So, how to repair heat-damaged hair that has been chemically treated? First, speak to the salon where you got your hair treatment done and seek expert advice. Getting a hair spa or deep conditioning treatment from the same salon can help. If you prefer natural remedies, using hot oil treatments at home is another solution. While the chemically-treated hair recovers from damage, reduce the frequency of hair washing and avoid heat styling tools completely.

How To Repair Heat Damaged Hair

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you grow out heat-damaged hair?

Growing out heat-damaged hair sure seems like a challenge, but it is not impossible. Many of us love having long hair and would like to treat it naturally, without having to chop it off. For situations like these, there are a few ways through which you can treat your damaged hair. You can apply nourishing hair masks, consume a healthy diet, and opt for the right hair care products as per your needs. You can also select from our wide range of Pure Sense shampoo and conditioner combos that can help you keep those locks in good condition.

Does heat damage stop hair growth?

Yes, in some cases, excessive heat damage does have a substantial effect on the growth of your hair. However, there are a few solutions for this. Follow a systematic hair care routine with the proper steps to evade damage caused by heat, and you should be good to go. Additionally, maintain a healthy and balanced diet with the right food and supplements, use good quality, nourishing hair care products, and avoid heat styling as much as possible. If your hair hasn’t reacted well to heat styling in the past, it’s advisable to avoid it in the future to prevent damage.


While maintaining a full-fledged hair care routine is a major struggle for most of us, there are some who really enjoy doing it. Although following a systematic routine can be a pain initially, once you see those soft curls and shiny tresses recover from the dullness and damage, there’s nothing more satisfying. Besides, preparing a routine based on homemade recipes can almost be meditative at times. The process of brewing something so wholesome and fulfilling, and yet so organic, using the simplest of techniques is a very calming feeling. Moreover, making them using simple homemade products is almost magical. Try creating one for yourself, and together with the goodness of Pure Sense, let the magic unfold!

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