Goat Milk Soap

4.5 Ratings
Price: ₹ 295

A luxurious blend of Goat’s Milk and Butter Fatadorns and renders a beautiful, smooth and healthy skin with perfect fragrance. PureSense Goat’s Milk Soap is Sulphate Free and Paraben Free with the special formulation that not only cleanses and moisturizes the skin but also boasts the power of ingredients such as Goat’s Milk and Butter Fat that love your skin.

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Goat’s milk - This soap is rich in Vitamins, Fat, and Minerals. The key ingredient – Goat’s Milk works as a moisturizing elixir. It nourishes the skin with its anti-aging properties and leaves the skin clarified, supple & young This gentle bath soap is also rich in Butterfat, which cleanses skin and reduces discoloration, leaving it soft and beautiful. The luxurious yet gentle composition helps retain moisture, reduces discoloration and makes skin supple.

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